Our passion is to work at developing and operating small businesses. These businesses are usually doing between 300k and 1 million when we get involved. Our primary involvement is in the growth of these companies to over 10 million a year in sales.

What We Look For:

There are three main situations that are opportunities for us:

  1. Small businesses that we can purchase or restructure that have strong growth potential
  2. Small businesses that are operating successfully and we can help create copies of in other cities
  3. We will sometimes work closely with a group of investors to start up a new business

There are the characteristics that we are looking for:

  • Businesses that are late stage 1 (stage 1 is 0-1 million a year in revenue) that we can grow through stage 2 (stage 2 is 1-10 million a year in sales) into early stage 3 (stage 3 is 10-100 million a year in sales)
  • Businesses that have a proof of concept but are struggling to grow
  • Businesses that show strong interest from its customers but are weak in sales and marketing
  • Businesses that have financial needs they cant solve that are holding them back